all around the world

Hello my world!
February 21, 2007, 4:54 pm
Filed under: Crazy and dangerous: in the mighty name of love

Welcome to ‘All around the world’. I will give you a look at China, Middle East and Africa. The wild, crazy and dangerous things people do in the name of love, hate and ‘it’s my life!’. Oh, and also do not forget another influence on major actions ‘ ma mamma’. Remember the movie waterboy? Aah, so you do huh? See what mama makes us do? Yep, life is like that.

Mama picks for us all the crazy colored draws, and makes us like ’em. You had one! Or do you blame it on daddy? Oh! and daddy too! He said all the crazy qoutes from his head, (not his heart ofcourse) like, ” Hey, men don’t cry! Men are made of steel, we don’t show our weakness, toughen up boy!” Then they sack him the next day, he cries all day long and then blames it on God. Crazy huh? Wat did love ever make you do, or hate (or mama).

Tell moi.


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