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Avoiding the typical ‘tourist’ look
February 26, 2007, 8:32 pm
Filed under: Touring Africa

Whenever you plan to visit Africa, you are quick to remember the guide book. Thank you very much, coz you sure are not going to get lost, but you also are sure that you are NOT going to hit the coolest spots around town. Your guide book will usually teach you the typical tourist language. For example, if you visit East Africa, (the swahili nation), your guide book will always teach you the “forgoten” swahili, the kind tha is left solely to the tourists.

The most assured way through which you can beat the odd looks, is by learning the spoken swahili. Anybody will teach you but I highly suggest that you learn it from trustworthy people, or people whose sitations require them to be trustworthy, like your driver, your guide (if you got one), your chef or waiter etc. For example, it is so typical of tourists in East Africa┬áto greet by saying ‘jambo’ (meaning hallo) and other people gaze at you with that look that says, “that sounds familiar”. But if you greeted and said, ‘sasa’, you get back a bright look from someone and an enthusiastic response, then they would either go ahead and laugh in amazement of ‘how on earth’ you knew that, or they would engage you in more conversation, jus’ to find out how much more you possibly know.

Look cool: If you truly are on a vacation, please, avoid the looking like you are on a campaign against AIDS in Africa. Typical tourists walk in drones, or better put, swarms. Jeez! Guys, split up! Everybody wonders wats the matter here! You hardly can attract a bargain this way! Another classic tourist look, they walk about town in them camping backpacks, hicking boots, the dirty denim, and the walking style, boy! If you stop at your camping site or hotel, pleeease, change into some jeans, tshirt (as you like it, free or tight), shades, and most of all, get your freak on. Ask for ‘the spots’, if you know what am talking about. It’s not tight down in Africa, like it is here.

PS: please ask if the town you are in, goes to sleep. Very important, coz some towns do not, and you could be sleeping while the town……..